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“How Grocery Delivery Can Save You Money.”

September 2, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Consumers and Household,Food and Beverages,Money and Savings,Shopping and Stores,USA and Global

Want to cut your food budget? Online grocery shopping can mean big savings, even when you account for delivery fees and tips.

According to an industry report, titled “The Digitally Engaged Food Shopper,” online grocery orders are expected to quintuple over the next decade. Projected sales by 2025: $100 billion per year.

This isn’t just rich people having caviar delivered to their Park Avenue penthouses. Everyday people are finding delivery convenient and, when handled properly, also money-saving.

“Our typical weekly food bill runs around $140 to $150 for our family of five. However, when I use online shopping I rarely spend more than $100,” says Missouri writer Tracie Richmond Forbes, who gets groceries delivered from Hy-Vee.

With delivery, there’s no “impulse purchases of things that we may not really need, but that catch my eye as I walk the (supermarket) aisles,” says Forbes, who blogs at

The process is pretty simple: Sign on, fill out a virtual grocery list, pay the bill, and wait for companies like Amazon Fresh, Kroger, Peapod or Safeway to bring the food to your door. The delivery fee generally runs from about $7 to $13, or $364 to $676 per year if you opt for weekly shopping trips (and that’s not counting tips; more on that later).


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