The Returns Policy - General Returns Policy

Since we generally do not offer for sale (or sell) physical items but items that can be digitally downloaded after purchase, we DO NOT accept the return of products/items purchased.

If a buyer purchased the wrong item or products by their own mistake, they are responsible - no our Store. We will however consider a 20% discount to the buyer on a re-purchase of the product or products but at our own discretion. The prospective buyer will need to contact us with their honest information about their mistake. We will then arrange for a manual payment via PayPal or Payza to our E-mail Account - - at one of those secure Payment Processors.

If a buyer can prove (beyond a doubt) that the item or products purchased was received by mistake done by our Store Owner or Administrator, a replacement product or products will be made at no cost to the Buyer. The Buyer will need to contact us and prove to us that the item or products received was by our Site Owner or Administrator mistake.        

End of - General Returns Policy


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