The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

What is PIDSite about?
See our About page for details. But this Site a join for free Classifieds Links Ads Site.

How can someone join?
Click on the Join or Register Button/Link at our Site home page and complete the required information. You will get a confirmation email from our Site. You can log-in and start submitting your ads in agreement with our Terms, Policy and Rules.

Do I have to pay for ads listings?
Yes. You can posts ads for a low monthly or yearly affordable cost. And we do have Paid Top Category or Featured Listings that anyone can use to receive greater advertising exposure online.

How long will an add last when listing is approved?
Ads will be listed for 1 month or up to 12 months (i.e. 1 year) then it has to be re-submitted for listing approval.

How can someone pay for Top Category or Featured Listings?
You can pay via PayPal Secure Payment when adding your ad for listing approval. Just click the link and follow the process to pay. Admin will then review and approved the listings.

Do you offer Refund?
Yes but only in special circumstances such as when an add link is in contradiction to our Terms, Policy and Rules. Refund will be paid via the same manner it was received (i.e. by PayPal).

Are all Members/Advertisers required to know and agree to the Site Terms, Policy and Rules?
Yes. See the relevant pages for more details.

What if someone has more questions?
You can use the Contact Form at our Site or access the Contact Details page for more information.

Our Membership Rules
All Registered Members can join for FREE to list unlimited links and information in our Classifieds Ads Site.

Payments for Top and Featured Ads (or any other Services) can be done using PayPal secure procedure online. Any other payment method has to be approved by our Site Owner. All Ads Links and Information submitted must first be approved by our Site Owner/Admin or Moderators before they are officially listed.

All Members must always agree with our TERMS of Service, RULES, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Payment Procedure and other information connected with their Membership.

We do not accept “plagiarize” articles information (i.e. take the work or an idea of someone else and pass it off as one’s own).

Website Links are to be legitimate Sites online (no bogus scam Sites, for example) and are not Sites connected to adult sex content, gambling, and such alike Sites.

This Private Site ( Owner always reserve the right to change or modify or delete information at any where on the Site. That all Members MUST agree to when they join our Website and accept our Services.

End of our Membership Rules Information